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Say Yes to an opportunity

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

IF I have learned anything this past year it is that you should take advantage of whatever you can now- because you just can't know if it ( or you) will be available when that opportunity comes around again( if it does). Say YES to that opportunity.

As you may know, our family has suffered the loss of three members within the past seven months. Two of the losses were much too soon- I wonder what they were thinking they would do someday? That day didn't come for them and if they could have looked into the future- maybe they would have grabbed those opportunities as they arose.

So, not to be gloomy here- I just want to say that if something comes along that looks like it would be a good idea- then try it, now, before it's too late.

This trip, Get Hooked at Sea, has been literally life changing for some of the past guests.

Beth Miller of Parris House Wool Works and I organize the trip under the name 207Creatives.

You can have a look on our website for more information.

We have had people come more than once too because they found it to be such a wonderful experience. If you sail on the Riggin 3 times or more you become a Riggin Relic and get a patch! Pretty fun, and yes, I have one now...

Each trip has been different because we have had different teachers and guests on board.This summer we will welcome Meryl Cook and can't wait to see what she will share with us. She has called this trip Wild Women at Sea.

Now, we will allow men to join us if they want- but so far it has been mostly women and it has been a blast! The crew of the J&E RIGGIN couldn't be more helpful, supportive , knowledgeable and kind. The captains , Justin and Jocelyn are stewards of this vessel and take great care in keeping her in the best condition. The food- well, my goodness, it is everything and more that you could ever want!! The chef bends over backwards to accommodate people.

I haven't eaten red meat or pork for forty plus years and there was ALWAYS more than enough provided for me, sometimes something special. Yum, Yum. Better part? you don't have to cook! It is all prepared on a wood cookstove in the galley using as much local ingredients as possible- often from their own gardens.

So now, have a look at the trip if you want. We can do payment plans if needed- the original registration can be altered with the payment plan dates if we need to.

Don't delay- we already have some people signed up and have a few spaces left.

Don't hook? Well, you can join us and we will teach you! We welcome every ability- something for everyone. All supplies are furnished- all in a tidy canvas bag- your frame, cover, linen and wools- you just need to bring a hook and maybe some small scissors. AND- you leave with all of it- that's right- you keep the frame and everything else!

The Riggin has a packing list that they suggest and we will give you some of our own ideas as to what to bring along too.

Oh- you don't have to be a sailor to join us either. You can help with the sails- they do appreciate it, or you can sit back and watch the others do the work, but trust me, it is fun to lend a hand.

Please share if you know anyone who might be interested too.

Let us know if you have any other questions about the trip .

Take a look here for more information.

Then say "yes, please...sign me up!"

Thanks and maybe see you this August on Penobscot Bay !

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