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February- time for a special wool bundle prize

The pattens are coming together as planned. I love how the Dragonfly Flight pattern is turning out as a table runner. I pulled together a bunch of wools that I had and voila- the rug was born. The bright greens left over from my Bunny Hop runner pattern and some purple and blues I had left over from previous rugs really came together nicely and people seem to be responding well to it so far. You can always get the patterns if you want to hook one of these beauties up for yourself.

hooked dragonfly rug draped on a chair
dragonfly flight rug pattern

Bunny Hop is a sweet runner too. My grand daughter squealed with delight when she saw it- being a bunny lover and all. If you remember, she is the 8 yr old who is learning to hook.

It will be the perfect thing for Easter and a spring table.

For the next 2 weeks I will add the name of anyone who makes a purchase at to win a springtime bundle of wool. This will not apply to any purchase through my ETSY shop. The name will be randomly drawn at the end of the 2 weeks. If you have any favorite color families please let me know. I tend to go with colors I like best but you may have something else in mind and it would be great to know what that is ;-)

I will email you and put your wool in the mail for you to use however you wish. I haven't been announcing the winner to all for privacy concerns- just know that these have happened in the past and the recipient is pleased and surprised.

Another batch of cut wool strips will be in the shop later on today or tomorrow with a few more colors to follow in the next week. I think there should be a purple bunch, orange and possibly yellow to go along with the pinks, blues, browns and gorgeous coral. They range in size from 6 cut to 7 & 8 cut. I try to provide a variety for everyone. If you let me know which cut your prefer the next batch is- please let me know! As always, there are 100 strips in each bundle and they are mostly 16 inches long.

Just as an -aside note-

If you like to cook I might suggest to get the best oatmeal raisin cookie ever! There are loads of other great looking recipes on their site as well. I have, without exaggeration, at least 200 cookbooks but often find myself looking online for something different. I do have my favorites from my books, but it's just fun to see what else might be tempting out there. Have a look and tell me what you think.

AND....Have you read Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver? It's a tough one but worth the read. Our book club discussed it last night and a few of us have worked with a similar population , myself included. We are a group of teachers, nurses and counselors. The book brought many thoughts of families and individuals we had worked with back to us. Short story or take away? a person just needs one person who believes in them and is always there to make a difference in their otherwise difficult life. If you have read Dickens, David Copperfield it will remind you of his characters, just in present day.

OK- that's all for now. Any purchase counts to have your name "put into the hat" for the drawing- no matter how small or large.

Have a good week everyone!


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