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Spring Nor'Easter in Maine

yellow, orange, pink and red tulips in a pottery vase
spring tulips

I'm sitting at home wishing I could be in my studio working on projects, but, once again, the power is out. This time it looks as though it may be out for some time since so many in Maine have lost theirs. Thankfully, we have a generator for our house so we have heat and a refrigerator, etc- everything we might need and we consider ourselves very fortunate to be in this position. The studio is it's own separate building and doesn't have a generator...

I've been thinking of spring and especially of flowers and butterflies. A pattern is slowly forming in my mind and will be ready to go on the frame very soon.

Our bird feeders have never, NEVER, been this busy! We have, without question, 100 plus or minus birds right now. Some of the feeders are duct taped and messily put together due to our visits from bears in the past. The birds don't seem to find it offensive though- they have hearty appetites and overlook the shabby condition of their food source. From pine siskins, finches, robins, blue jays, nuthatches, an occasional cardinal, a variety of woodpeckers, mourning doves, juncos, tufted titmice and more. Hard to keep up but my husband does a great job keeping the feeders filled and the birds happy.

The frame has held some old favorites again. There are times when I draw a pattern on the linen and there is something that isn't quite right about it and I don't want to sell it, so I have started hooking these mistakes and making corrections as I go along. It's fine for me personally, but if you know me you know that I only feel like I can offer the best possible product for purchase. I wanted this rug to be a bit larger so I took some left over linen from another project, added it to the original pattern and made it a bit wider for this one. I tend to do that quite often- always save your leftover linen for times like this- it comes in very handy. Now the decision to bind it in the gold or black wool. Instagram followers tend to favor the gold. Each color make it look totally different depending on how you look at the two choices. What do you think? Black or Gold?

I've hooked another Shore Birds rug making the birds a slightly different color. I ordered some yarn to bind that one because it may end up on the floor and needs to be bound rather than just turned under like my first Shore Birds which hangs on the wall. I had a customer ask for a bolster size pillow pattern of the Shore Birds pattern- she sent me a photo after and it came out great! Now I need to hook that just because it will look perfect in the coastal home.

Currently another Beach Rose rug is in the works. It is a bit different than my first one from last year but I like it so far. I'll post some more images as it gets further along. I intend to turn that into a pillow I think.

There are more serged pieces of linen in the shop now along with some gorgeous new wools. The Tulip and Dragonfly patterns are fun to hook and you can find those in the shop too.

March went by SO fast that I could hardly catch my breath. I didn't forget about you- honest! Family time, a trip with friends to Montreal to see Jon Batiste (which was awesome) and just every day life.

Now that it's April, it's time for another special for all of you. Let me give that some careful thought. I have something in mind but need to get better organized. Stay tuned.

If you are in the area of totality are you planning on seeing the solar eclipse? We are planning to go about one hour north to try to see it and hope that there aren't too too many people planning to be in the same area in terms of parking. It's meant to be pretty cool so I hope we can experience it. We will probably leave Gracie home- they claim that the animals will act as if it is night time - the chickens will go to roost and the nocturnal animals may come out- it is happening @3 pm.We will need to watch out for bears and moose in the road as we go back home.

I can actually see a rug pattern coming out of this too. Probably just a small version of the eclipse , but it could be really special and a nice reminder of the event.

Happy spring even if the weather isn't saying so where you are. Find some bright moments and imagine all of the colors that are starting to emerge from beneath the ground. Paint a picture on linen with some wool. You know where you can find your inspiration.

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