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hand hooked wool echinacea chair pad.

Enduring Style for Your Home

Hand Hooked Rugs

Hand-Hooked Wool Rugs

Each individual loop of wool in every one of my pieces is pulled loop by loop by my hand. Each Artisan rug has been designed and hand-hooked by me from beginning to end in my home in western Maine. Some rugs also have hand-dyed wool throughout that I have dyed in my kitchen. Please read examples of reviews from some of my finished rugs. For reviews and comments click HERE. 


Folk Art Hooked Original Pieces 

Items in this category have also been designed and hooked by my hand. Heritage rug hooking has it’s roots in the Eastern US and Canada. There were examples of rug hooking in Scotland, England and France, but it is best known as a New England and Canadian craft. Examples of vintage hooked rug folk art pieces can be found all over New England and Canada. In my opinion these items are folk art because they have a primitive feel to them and are usually hooked with a wider cut of wool.


My pieces are most often made with 100 percent wool that I have cut into strips, and hooked in a variety of ways to produce these pieces of folk art for you.I like to use vintage elements in my work when I can, whether it is using an actual vintage piece as a compliment or using a vintage item as a springboard for a design. Examples of these can be found throughout my shop.


Custom Orders

Please click HERE for information on custom orders.

Hooked Rugs

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