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Explore, word for 2024, explore your creative self

I have been thinking about how to approach the year ahead and decided that a good word for me would be explore. That can have multiple meanings in the context I am thinking about.

Explore creative work, explore new places, explore new lifestyle healthy habit integrations , explore more efficient use of my time ( that's a big one), explore ways to broaden my reach, explore ways to zero in on what's important in the moment.

green moss with red flowers growing on a log
Moss. British Soldiers on a log in Maine

First exploring adventure- this is some gorgeous moss we noticed on our hike. One name for it is British Soldiers , which is a pretty cute name isn't it? Part of a larger fungi- Kingdom Fungi. It is fascinating to see all of the different things that nature throws our way if we stop to look. Yes, the mushrooms again- I want to hook that mushroom runner a second time, maybe using different colors this time around?

stream flowing down a hillside. Green moss, brown rocks, ice
Stream on Long Mt trail in Albany MAINE

We could see where all of the water had been flowing after the flooding we had just experienced - this was a week later and the water was still showing its strength and leaving behind remnants and signs of where it had overflowed its banks.

The end of 2023 was something...from Maines first devastating mass shooting to the flood that literally closed our downtown area for a week - no grocery, no mail, no gas...good thing we are usually prepared for such weather events- after all, it is Maine. You need to think ahead and be ready for whatever is tossed your way. We are tough here- but rarely have to deal with that kind of weather.

Had it been snow we would have all been building snowmen, strapping on the snowshoes and outside enjoying ourselves.

The kindness that was shown during the flooding was heartwarming. I think the thing that stood out the most for me was a local restaurant/store ,who still had power and water in the next town, opened their kitchen for two Bethel establishments to use to help them out- such generosity. Also, local inns and individuals opened their doors for people to stay if they had suffered losses and couldn't return to their homes. Roads had washed out and people were stranded. Other acts of kindness and caring that are too many to mention. Small towns - we are so fortunate to live in one.

On a brighter note I had some fun sewing gifts for family this year- one was a sweet gathering apron for my daughters who are both gardeners. They can use these to bring in their harvest next summer and fall. I found the pattern on ETSY and it was easy and fun to make! You can find it here if you are interested .Then I made some fun little bags (another ETSY find) that are super cute and so easy to make too- I want to make loads of them. It felt good to get back to the sewing machine and a good break for my hands!

Wools for rug hooking and applique, purples and pastels
Purple and pastel hand dyed wools
red and periwinkle hand dyed wool for rug hooking and other wool crafts stacked in a pile
Periwinkle, reds and red brown hand dyed wool

After I felt confident that water was no longer an issue I got out the dye pots. I wish you could come by to visit- well, you can if you give me a heads up- the colors are much better in person and you can feel the softness. There are more colors and hopefully even more next week. Some are already sold, but others will be listed as soon as I can get things sorted!

Pattern ideas are swirling around but I'd rather hook them before letting you see what I have in mind.

Remember- you can always ask for something special if you can't find what you need- I just might have it waiting to be listed-

My wish for you is to experience a Happy, Healthy, New Year!

Be creative- it's so good for the soul. Explore your creative self.

If you want- get your projects going- it's not too early to start those gifting projects for next season. One of my ways to explore....exploring ways to be "ahead of the game"

Explore- my word for 2024- what is yours?


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