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Working on rugs and catching up

In my last email I hinted that I would be sharing some of the work I have been doing lately . Hooking has been helping me cope with the news of the world and some of my work has simply been catching up and finishing old projects. Then there have been some new designs with more to follow. All of it has proven to be very therapeutic.

I apologize if you have seen some, or most, of this work on my instagram page, but I decided to put it here in one place. My social media presence hasn't been very active because we have been struggling with internet speed here in our little place in the world. There is promise of fiber coming down the road- just not as quickly as we would hope!

Here is an example of how you can use some scraps of linen and make something fun. If you have a piece of linen that seems just too small to put on a frame, then take another scrap that you have cut from a previous finished rug pattern and simply sew it onto your smaller linen to create a larger piece to work on. Draw an image on the "new" linen and off you go!

Here I made a strip that I was able to use for this long rectangular sunflower image. The plan is to frame it in the end . My husband has promised to build some frames for me- let's see how quickly that will happen! He is full into garden planning right now.

This is an example of using a small leftover linen piece and using a wide variety of similar color family cut strips like you can get here by clicking the highlighted text if you need. In other words - using simple materials can create a new and unique rug- don't waste anything! With this particular piece of linen I made 3 rugs, all in a line, then cut them apart into separate rugs.

I finally finished three of my rugs below. Two are patterns in the shop, Chicken Scratch and Vintage Kitty and the other was , again, just one I made on a whim with some left over pieces. If you don't have any pieces that you can use I often have some various serged pieces for sale here. I am adding new ones all of the time if you are ever interested . It saves purchasing full yards of linen and saves you money.

Then there are the three new rugs that I have just hooked. The Whale runner, the Daisy, and Lily Lamb in the Tulips. Daisy is newly hooked but has been a pattern for quite some time. All should be available as patterns and the finished ones will be for sale in the future.If you don't see them- please ask.

And finally- here is the piece that I struggled with but it kept me focused and thinking about the people and situation in the Ukraine. Not sure I am totally at peace with it yet- it's a bit messy, but so is the situation, so maybe that is the way it should rest. The colors are better than they look in this image. I had a request for a paper pattern- there is one left in the shop if you are interested or I could add more . Paper patterns are not generally my thing but she wanted to do it as a punch project on monks cloth and I don't carry monks cloth. As always, I am open to suggestions from all of you.

So that is the news from here in Western Maine at the moment. What have you been up to? I'd love to hear from you- please comment- it's fun to see what great things are happening "out there". Stay well!!!

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