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I am not sure why it is that I feel the need to ponder things- let them simmer for awhile before I make a decision as to where to take a project. For the most part, the pondering leads to good results. It tends to happen with conversations and introductions too, but that is another topic all together for another time. This is about hooking projects left to “stew”.

Which blue?? which green???


For example, I have this Bee pillow that I have had in the works for what seems like forever! I can’t seem to get the background color just right. I have tried several and taken them out- one day it will be crystal clear to me and off I’ll go, and finish the project. Maybe this will be the background? maybe not. The one I have in there now is too similar to the wings.



I have others that have taken a similar path, but in the end have produced the results I was hoping for. Some patterns I hook I know that I will do just a little differently the next time- not much, just a wee bit, but enough to satisfy my eye. I love how this girl turned out and the colors I chose for her. I don’t think I would change a thing with this pattern.


It’s not that I don’t like the ones that I will change ever so slightly, it is just that I think that they could be just a little better if I did this or that. Next time I might add more movement for this flag and bring out the fireworks a bit more. People like it the way it is, but I can see ways to improve it even more.


All of this is such a great learning experience and I continue to love the experience as my hooking evolves into a unique style personal to me.

For now, I will be pondering some of these unfinished projects and starting a new commissioned one with many conversations back and forth with the buyer to get it just right for him. I have already started the dyeing process for it.


I hope it is raining where you are if you need it, or sunny if you are tired of rain. We are enjoying the delicious sound of rain on our roof and watch as the garden soaks it all in after a lengthy time of hot sunny weather.

Until next time-

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