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Plastic wars getting better; meet the Vejibag

If you remember, a while back I wrote a blog post about my love affair with zip loc bags. Well, I have just received a very promising gift this holiday season and am very excited about the prospects! Let me introduce you to the Vejibag.

This organic cotton bag claims to be able to keep your produce fresh for 2 weeks instead of using plastic bags. What? really?? I have struggled with this because plastic has been the only way I can seem to keep, for example, my carrots and greens staying fresh without going limp.

Alternative to plastic

Gift received this Christmas \

Hooray! this may be a new love affair I develop. Check them out through the link and see for yourself how you might be able to reduce the use of plastics in your home and life. I’m going to give it a try this week. I’ll give you an update if all goes well ( and even if it doesn’t).

If you have any other ideas I am totally open to them.

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