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Opportunities are under appreciated

Childhood wonders

Lucy in the garden

Opportunities are sometimes, under appreciated. There are times when I find myself wanting to be home, working on my rug hooking business instead of waking to the alarm, getting out of bed and driving the hour and a half to help with childcare. In hindsight I look back at all of the opportunities presented to me and am grateful. It feels good to help out this busy family of mine. I won’t say it is all “fun and games” but most of it is!

Portland Children's Museum

Ethan at the Portland Children’s Museum

Opportunity? Being able to spend all of this precious time with these two little people. It won’t last forever and I need to remember the sweet times, laughter and naughtiness that I witness each time I have the opportunity to spend my day with them.

Tantrums, messes, refusals, stubborn streaks aside… these are times I will never have again with these two and I welcome this opportunity even though I end my day exhausted but with a full heart.

What opportunities do you have ? How can you appreciate them?

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