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It's the time of year to gather- gather the harvest, gather the recipes, gather the family and friends, gather your supplies and maybe even gather your thoughts.

I'll be gathering my photos for putting together a calendar and possible other secrets.

Sorting through all of the photos is a huge job if you are anything like me- I'm not the best at gathering "like" photos into folders...again , the gathering or lack there of.

I have a notebook dedicated to holiday recipes and will be looking through it this week and next. I have my supply of organic local cranberries just waiting for me right now. I may have to pick up a few more, just in case I decide to make some other cranberry deliciousness! Sauce, of course, but maybe a curd again? Apples are waiting for me too- a pie has been requested for Thanksgiving and I am more than happy to make one.I'll be using the same crust recipe as I always do.

Here are some new things that I have been working on and actually finishing! These acorn mug rugs are so sweet! Perfect for your tea, coffee or adult beverage... The work list is long but things ARE getting done.

If you are going to be gathering supplies I'd suggest you get serious about it now. If you have noticed, the supply chain is once again challenged and it is becoming harder and harder to find just what you might need. Right now I am in good shape- so if you need anything from me, I've got you covered.

Gracie the dog is able to hang outside since the day is warm and sunny- not a typical November day, but we'll take what we can get in that department! This weather truly only cries out for more outside projects getting accomplished before the snow.

So do your gathering- whatever that means in your life and I'll see you next time!

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