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Updates and a Request

It has been a long time since I have written anything, although so much has been happening here in my world.

I eluded to this in the past and promised to elaborate - that I have a write up and photo in the book The Art of Mothering, Our Lives in Color and Shadow by Canadian artist Karen Miller. I am very humbled and proud to be a part of this book. If you haven't seen the book it is well worth getting a copy for yourself. So many fiber artists are featured along with images and thoughts on what it is like to be a mother ( or not be one). Perfect gift for the woman in your life who enjoys fiber arts. You can purchase it on Karen's website or just pop over and see what wonderful work she does. Mother's Day is right around the corner!

Speaking of mothers...our son and daughter in law just welcomed their sweet baby boy into the world on April 21, 2023. He joins his 2.5 yr old sister and they are settling into their new family dynamic- so far so good. I made a wee rug for them. They were referring to him as "Peeper" since he was going to be born when the peepers arrive in the wild. It is a sweet little frog rug that will be hung in his nursery. I'm not sure I took a photo of it before I gifted it to them- that was foolish but I'll try to take one the next time I visit their home.Then I can share it with you.

As some may know, we traveled to Scotland and visited some of the places my family came from. We learned the history of Arbroth and Forfar, found a sweet wonderful museum there- and had the areas finest treats. Both sides of my family are from Scotland. There is so much history and beauty to see. Our trip was fast and furious but we managed to see loads of things, soaked up some of Scotlands lovely surroundings and had the perfect tour guide, our daughter, who has lived there for the past eight years. We met her friends, which were so lovely and they made us feel so welcome. We are already planning our next trip and I, for one, can hardly wait. I want to see the northwest and maybe get out to some of the islands as well. Who needs sunny warm days to have fun?? The image of us was a day in Oban looking out to the sea. We weren't able to take the ferry to the Isle of Mull since the sea was too choppy that day. Just as well, we saw other things we wouldn't have had time for instead. A proper "tea" was enjoyed in Oban and wonderful dinner. I was struck by all of the dogs in Oban as well- it seemed every other person was walking their dog- the shops were dog friendly as were the restaurants! What is not to like about that??

women at the Kindred Spirits Hook In in Newcastle Maine
Kindred Spirits Hook In

Upon our return from Scotland I went straight away to the Kindred Spirits hook -in as a vendor and had the best time. Such a nice group of people with some amazing rugs they were busy working on. I didn't have the time to take very many photos because they all kept me quite busy shopping for wool and patterns. Some of the rugs were AMAZING!

So much talent in this world when you stop to look. I met some interesting people and in particular one woman in her mid nineties who no longer hooks ( although she was quite accomplished) and has now taken to learning languages , should never stop learning! She was a delight and she really enjoyed seeing what everyone was making.

Then the hard part- assimilating all of the things back into my shop that I hadn't listed in a while. I am still working on that but am getting closer and closer to being where I need to be. There are gorgeous wools and a few new patterns.These are just a few of what I have to offer with more to come. Please consider stopping by.

I have been working on some rugs for myself and have been enjoying the freedom that allows. I know what I like, but I have to guess at what others might like, so I ask you, what do you need from me at this point in time? Certain colors? certain patterns? cut strips? cut strip size preference ?, themes? I welcome any and all suggestions and I'll see what I can do to make your hooking experiences just right for you!

Please feel free to share this with other hooking friends.

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