Threat of Frost

pumpkins and long pie pumpkins

There is always so much to do in the fall – well, really there is ALWAYS much to do depending on the season. In the fall there is a “get ready because there might be a threat of frost” kind of panic.

Fall harvest chores

So there was a threat of frost the other night. It was a scramble yesterday to pick dahlias, harvest raspberries, peaches, apples, tomatoes, some of the masses of basil and then I ran out of steam.

dahlias from the garden

That threat of frost always seems to catch us off guard every year. We scramble around trying to get everything in. Then the entire house is filled with so many vegetables that then need to be processed!

Applesauce, pepper jelly and more

red pepper jelly

I have a bucket of apples destined for applesauce. We have a large bowl full of hot peppers that will be turned into pepper jelly and who knows what else ( since there are SO MANY of them). We have some peaches that we can hopefully consume since I just made last years into jam. Some will get frozen for pie.

apples from an old apple tree on our property