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Now is the time to be creative

now is the time to be creative

project readying

If there was ever a need to be creative, now is the time. Many people are being encouraged to stay at home and practice social distancing when going out. This can be troubling and challenging for some people . The short term solution? get creative.

Now is the time to start that project you have been wanting to start- read that book you have been meaning to read. I , for one, have loads of ideas and yet still not quite enough time to implement them, but I’ll do my best.

After organizing part of my kitchen I discovered that I had a lot of polenta! Hmmm, there must have been a good reason at one point to have that much. It had drifted to the back of the lazy susan style corner cupboard and got lost in all of the flours , rice and oils. So- I got creative. The menu for dinner was polenta. What was in the refrigerator that could be used to turn that into a wholesome dinner? I had gotten mushrooms last week from our local co-op, along with some spinach and onions. There was a recipe from Eating Well that I remembered that used mushrooms and polenta.

Getting to work making the polenta to use for later in the day, I started it around noon. It takes about 30 minutes to cook- stirring quite often so that it doesn’t stick. Hello yard sale find! There was a pyrex loaf pan with a cover in the back of another cupboard that I remembered having. After the polenta was cooked it was poured into this loaf pan to set up. Perfect.

Later on the mushrooms, spinach and onions were pulled. The recipe didn’t call for spinach but it couldn’t hurt. I also stumbled across basil ice cubes in a bag in the freezer from last fall. The recipe called for fresh tarragon, but basil would work- right? Now , sour cream- nope didn’t have any , but I had made yogurt a few days ago and strained it into greek yogurt- a great substitute. White wine- well, we always have that around…

So, like I said- get creative. Dinner was wonderful and filling AND nutritious!

The remedy for us in the coming days may just be the creative things we can do with our hands. It just so happens that I had just stocked up on rug hooking supplies- so, luckily for you- when they are listed in the etsy shop– you can have some supplies too. I have things there already of course, but more will be coming while we stay close to home. Need a project? I’ll have some easy kits that I will be working on listing most of tomorrow . I think there will be a sale on the kits- just to be able to give you something to do that you can afford. Rug hooking can be meditative and that’s important. I tend to lose all sense of time when hooking, do you?

Living so far away from “civilization” we often have a good supply of things to keep us going here. Unnecessary trips to the big city are, well, just unnecessary- especially now with all that is going on in the world. Last month we had just purchased toilet paper from a great company that my daughter introduced me to. Who Gives a Crap- yup, that’s their name, but their toilet paper is the best! You should check them out- they are a great company that is trying to make a difference in the world. Who knew that this would be the one thing that people are going crazy over! Hoarding in fact! So, living where we do, and getting things delivered to us does make sense and turns out- is helping us in these troubled times.

Let’s get creative together- get yourself some hooking supplies, or wool for applique , or a good book – whatever floats your boat.

lets get creative

rug hooking wool

Scour your cupboards and see what you can come up with- you may just have some fun and surprise yourself at what you can conjure up!

Please keep safe- follow the guidelines – wash your hands, then wash them again. Drink drink drink water! It’s best to stay hydrated as much as possible. If you can, get outside for a walk in the fresh air. Get some rest.

In our day of social media- reach out to folks, or call someone you know just to check in. We all need to stick together , even if it is virtually, to get through this. The social isolation will become real in the coming days but if you can look within yourself and do something calming and meditative you’ll be in a much better place in the end. These are trying times and the need to stay busy and positive is NOW.

I’ve got a plan- what is yours? please share.

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