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I love to learn new things, especially in the maker world.Yesterday when I arrived at my oldest daughter’s house she told me I should make some felted Easter eggs while my grand-daughter was sleeping. Maybe…

Shortly after my daughter left for work I “had” to try it. Lucy was still asleep, I thought I had some time to kill.


I should have taken pictures along the way, but it was a wet felting method, so needless to say, my hands were a bit messy.

I should back up a little bit- last week we all went to a wonderful fiber shop in Portland Maine called, Port Fiber. Look her up at port or visit her ETSY shop at Portfiber.  It is a BEAUTIFUL little shop  and it was nearly impossible to not touch everything there! Some spinners were just coming in with their wheels and settling in for a morning of spinning together- the colors surrounding the walls were magnificent! ooh, I wished I could stay and play- but back to the business at hand. We let the 2.5 yr old choose the colors of roving to make the eggs.

We went home with a bright blue, kelly green , a mottled orange, mottled pink and mottled green. She also sells Peace Fleece (yarn )in teeny tiny skeins, so we got 2 skeins of that for wrapping. This yarn is available in larger skeins if you want- it is beautiful.

This is the result of my attempt- I think that I may try to needle felt the yarn so that it blends in more with the roving, but if I don’t get to that, they are fun as they are.


My daughter and son in law tried making some before the “great egg making day with under 3’s” and decided that it would be too hard for them to do- probably a good choice- maybe next year…they tend to be very ambitious with their hopes and dreams.

Later in the afternoon, while nap #2 happened I finally finished putting the binding tape on this rug. I still need to go back and fix a little place on one of the dogs, then I will be finished with this. It was an experiment, a learning experience and I know that I would do most of it differently if I do this again, but for now this rug “is what it is” and that is going to have to be fine.


Have a happy day- until next time , my best to you.

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