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How can I help you to keep creating

Wondering how I can possibly help any of you to keep creating. While the shop continues to have more and more offerings for you to use, there is a question in the back of my mind- but how can I HELP? We are living in a troubling time and this is one way to keep you at ease – the simple act of creating art from fiber.

Lavender filled pillow

Suggestions for the times

I can’t help you with the fears of the pandemic– I can suggest that you wear a mask and keep at least 6 ft away from one another while outside of your home. In terms of the racial injustice? you will need to decide for yourself how best to approach that topic today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life going forward. Kindness, forgiveness and understanding is the only advice from me here – not really helpful from a practical standpoint, but merely a suggested way of carrying out your day.

Don’t think- just dream

Just take a hook, some linen and some wool and start. It’s that easy- Here is where the help comes in- it’s all there for you in the shop.

Let yourself dream. Don’t get hung up on the what ifs. “Not good enoughs”. Fear of drawing. Fear of color planning. Its all good- its about the process. Allow yourself to experiment – it’s only linen and wool after all.

It’s all good

When you start to hook rugs you want to be doing everything right. There was a time when the loops mattered a great deal to me. Why don’t they look like so an so’s loops? How can I do better? How can you do a better job? What I mean to tell you is – its all good- if it looks good to you, then its good enough- right? There are suggestions as to technique but it is what matters to you in the end as to how you want something to look.

Go with your gut feeling

Right now, after you finish reading this- take a pencil and some paper and dream. What comes to mind- first thing? When teaching (school, not hooking) I often said- go with your gut. What do you think is the right answer? How do you think it should look? That usually was the right answer- that first one that came to mind. You can always add details or embellishments later if you want to.

Once, while in an art class the instructor said after looking at my creation – “nothing in nature looks like that”. Well, there was something in that work that spoke to me saying that it did look like that to me- at least at that moment it did. She took the wind out of my sails I’ll admit, but it didn’t prevent me from trying again.

No regrets

When young, art called to me, the art of making. Of course my father thought it ridiculous- how on earth could you make a living doing art? We disagreed on so many things but I do miss him now and would stand up to him and say- well, “I hear what you are saying, but I’m going to try anyway.” Of course, that’s not what happened then and art school never happened for me.

Tools to work with

pencils and pens for working

A place for my pencils and pens

So- how can I help you? I can give you the tools to work with. Beautiful Irish Rug Hooks, gorgeous hand dyed wools, lovely linen to work with , and if you really need it- patterns or even kits to go by. I can help you color plan, although it would be more fun for you if you did it yourself. Guidance can happen but you should be your own guide so that it has true meaning to you.

Fiber art is a wonderful medium. It can be very forgiving- unlike watercolors for example. Many friends are watercolor artists and are quite good at it. That spoke to me for awhile, but not like fiber art does. Fiber can be tweaked in the right way that makes sense to me – watercolors never could.

Permission to try

So- you need help? just ask. But know that you have my permission to go out on a limb and try for yourself. I’ll be here to catch you , guide you and offer support. You can do it! Need some inspiration? Look. Listen. Look again. Listen again. Feel. Study. Then take a chance. I dare you.

If you need materials- hop on over to the ETSY shop. I can help you with what you might need. If you don’t see what you need ( or want) – ask and it can probably materialize.

Good luck- keep me posted – I look forward to seeing what you can create.

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