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Did you know I am working on my website shop?

Did you know that you can buy ETSY gift cards for your loved ones? It’s so easy- I accept them, but then so do loads of other ETSY sellers. This is a great way to support handmade sellers and artisans while giving a gift that the recipient can choose for him or herself.

Did you know that you can get one by checking out this link?

So- when you are trying hard to figure out just what to give that special someone- look no further than the ETSY gift card and ta-da…you are set.

Also- did you know that some sellers will include gift cards and wrap (sometimes for a small fee) but hey, why not try it- especially if the gift is heading out in the mail to someone far away.

Anyway- this is my tip for the day.

But, one more thing…did you know that I have listed some new items in my ETSY shop? AND I am working hard to get my own shop open through my website. I know that has been slow going but I am trying to make sure it works correctly and people can shop easily from the website. These things take time! but it will be worth the wait for those of you who have always wanted that special hooked rug piece made by my own hands. Still, in the meantime you can still shop through my ETSY shop 

Rug hooked pillow

Hooked rug pillow

I will keep that shop open as well since I haven’t quite figured out how to have some of my items in both places and have me keep track of the inventory. The website will be more for people who are looking for finished work. I may add patterns and kits, but will keep the hand dyed wool, for now, in the ETSY shop.

Have any questions? Please ask!


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