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Current projects

The current projects in and around the house are many. Trying to stick to just one is a real challenge for me- seeing something that has to be done when I am in a certain room distracts me from the task I might be currently working on. This multi tasking thing doesn’t “really” work. In theory it may sound like a good idea but in reality I think I get less done than if I stick to one project- finished it and then moved on to another to work on until it’s completion.

My thought process is this: I’ll put the wool in a dye bath, go throw some laundry into the machine, look at email, oh, go back to check on the wool in the dye bath, check on the bird feeders, put vinegar into the dye bath, think about the book I am finishing for book club (maybe I can just listen to it while I do other things), make some more yogurt, etc, etc…Phew- it seems like things are getting done, but only part of the way. Anyone else have this problem??

Wool dyeing project

Dyeing wool in jars

Current projects

Gradient dyes of blues

Here is some wool that I have been working on this week- now to photograph it, list it, put it out on social media- you understand. Then there is the rug that I have been asked to create for a customer. I think about the colors before I drop into bed at night and first thing in the morning. I’m not convinced I have them just right. I look again and think- well, I think that might work- let me hook some more and see how it is coming along.

Current project rug

Working on new project

Then there is the living room to clear out, sand and paint…all before the flooring people come in to remove the subfloor and replace with hardwood. That might put my other projects on hold but I am guessing that I’ll do my best to do it all amidst the chaos.

What are your current projects? Are they a bit too ambitious? or just right for you? I love what I do, that’s why I want to do it all at once!

Have a lovely day- whether you are relaxing or deep into your own projects.

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