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207 Creatives – who are we?

207 Creatives is a collective of three fiber artists who have joined together to bring you unique fiber events and experiences. We are, what you would call, slow makers- our craft takes time to produce. Planning, drawing, hand dyeing wool, color planning a piece, cutting the wool strips (worms), hooking it all by hand and finally the binding.

The three of us run our own shops and businesses, each offering something slightly different than the others. At the end of 2016, we decided to support each others’ work by encouraging customers to consider the other shops if they were looking for something we didn’t offer directly. Since then, we have worked together to develop and host hooking events to help you enjoy some fiber experiences.

Let me introduce you to our shops –

Seven Gables Design

Connie Fletcher of Seven Gables

I came to fall in love with rug hooking at Connie’s studio when she had her shop on Main St in Norway, Maine several years ago. Artful Hands was a very welcoming place and a wonderful respite for me while I was still working in the school system. I learned lots there- laughed a lot and gained a lasting friendship that has turned into a partnership that I am proud to be a part of. Her expertise in the rug hooking world, knowledge of techniques and ability to remember details of peoples lives is exceptional. Connie is a true primitive hooker and calls herself “the Queen of Darkness” since she favors primitive colors in her work. Connie is a wonderful teacher. She loves dogs and good food- what a perfect match for me!

Parris House Wool Works

I met Beth at Artful Hands. When Connie was ready to sell her brick and mortar business, Beth was ready to leave behind her real estate job. Beth moved the business into her beautiful Paris Hill, Maine home where she has been most generous with her time and space. She, too, provided a bit of respite for me during my time with the school. I will admit that I was a little worried that I wouldn’t find the same peace and comfort in the new studio, but after one visit I realized that this was going to be “OK”. Her business drive is something to marvel at.

Two Cats And Dog Hooking

My home business, Two Cats And Dog Hooking

I currently sell here on ETSY but have started vending and will also be selling hand-dyed wool, hand drawn patterns and finished pieces on my website soon. I gained the confidence to create my own line of patterns from these two talented artists. My patterns are more on the whimsical side but I have also been known to do some traditional patterns. I have a line of pollinator series patterns , a Maine woods series and farmyard series of patterns, among others. Beth taught me how to dye wool and together we attended a natural dye workshop at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner, Maine. We often bounce ideas off of one another, and our friendship has been a wonderful sounding board for us both. I adore wool dyeing and watching the results emerge from the dye pots.

Events by 207 Creatives

It was Connie’s idea to get together as a group and start supporting each others’ distinct businesses. Pretty soon, this led us to host our first Hook-In last April in Belfast, Maine.

Now we are busy with the planning of our first “Get Hooked at Sea” adventure on the J & E Riggin in 2018. We plan to host another Hook-In before our sailing adventure and will continue to support one another in our fiber businesses. I will update you soon on the when , where, and what of that Hook In event.

J&E Riggin trip details for 207 Creatives Hook-In 2018

Upcoming 207 Creatives Hook-In

Working together as 207 Creatives

We are all quite different, yet a lot the same. We love fiber arts and creating beautiful works of art. Our styles are quite different from one another and we feel like that is a positive aspect to our 207 Creatives group. Connie has the most experience, Beth the most experience in business and marketing and me? I am learning as I go. But, in this, I am a pretty quick study.

I like that there are the three of us who are supporting each other in a variety of ways. It can only lead to more success for all of us. Running a business out of your home can be hard- especially if you are doing the bulk of the work yourself. It has been great to have people to get encouragement and advice from, and to laugh with, as this can sometimes feel very solitary.


Boardwalk at Biddeford Pool, Maine

We hope that you will follow 207 Creatives through our 207 Creatives Facebook page and our Instagram page @207creatives. You can learn what we have been up to or what we might be planning next.

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