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Winding down to gear up!

After a whirlwind of activity from Thanksgiving to after the New Year it is time to wind down and settle on the buisness at hand. We absolutely LOVE the activity and the chance to spend so much time with our family, but things do tend to get put on the back burner, as they should, because after all, family comes first.


But spending time with these people is beyond fun. They are brimming with new ideas and give us all hope for the future. It is heartwarming to see the next generation grow and interact with one another.They are both interesting AND interested in seemingly everything! Hard for Auntie and nephew to have these moments over Skype- but they have created a fresh bond that may carry them through until next time. Living across the Atlantic, it isn’t often that they get to snuggle and giggle.

As I started this post I remembered the rug that I made for this daughter and her husband to be. At the time they were living in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland. His sister, who is an amazing person that I am so happy to now know, helped with the design elements of the rug. Her color planning was perfect when I saw the colors looking out from their home overlooking the sea.

What fun it was to collaborate with someone I hadn’t met- yet we felt like co- conspireors before we presented the couple with their rug. I love how the intertwining of the roots came out. She is as delightful as I had imagined.


Another rug that I made for this daughter was a story rug of her education path- using symbols from each of her schools, from pre-school through to her colleges I wove a path that led to the latest University where she earned her PhD. I’m not convinced that I won’t have to add another additional rug- maybe a runner- to her collection.

More to come on that in another post.

For now, I will continue to work on new creations, spend time with the family that remains in the US and keep you posted about new designs, new happenings and insights.


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