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Why I decided to work from home-again

dyed wool


Why I decided to work from home is many layered. The “again” part means that , when my kids were little, I stayed at home. Call it what you may, but that IS work- it is a full time job and thensome to stay at home with your kids.

After they were old enough for school I found work that fit into their schedule. I was a home literacy teacher and worked with kids and parents on parenting skills. After that job took it’s emotional toll on me I went to work in the school system, again, to work around being available for my kids after school.

This most recent job change, the one I have now of working at home,  is a lifetime dream of sorts. I thought, in high school, that I wanted to own , and run, a small bookstore- in essence, own my own business. Now fast forward 40 years and I find myself a small business owner.

The piece I missed was the business school and marketing- oh and the technology part – oh and the art school! the photography! on and on…I was trained as a teacher, not as a business owner! But- with determination, I have learned some marketing, grown as a designer and am holding my own as a small business owner. The technology piece can still use some work but I am definitely progressing. Luckily , my husband works in the business world , so he is helping me when I get “stuck”.

Red wool dye

Dyeing red wool

Yellow wool dyeing

Shades of yellow

So- the fun part? Being able to design my own rug hooking patterns. Being able to dye my own wool. Being able to meet people with common fiber interests. Being able to take advantage of other fiber artists expertise. Being able to actually sell my work . Being able to chat online with people from France, Australia, Norway, Canada and all over the US. Being able to set my own hours – although it does feel like 24/7 when you are open for business to satisfy every time zone around the world! Being able to stay in my PJ’s – all day if I want….but I don’t do that very often, only if I am really involved in a project and I loose track of the time. Being able to listen to audio books while I work.

Bins for supplies

Wool and pattern storage

Bags of wool

Rug hooking supplies

Workspace? I make do. I have things spread out all over our house without a true dedicated studio. That is my next dream- to have a space that I can be in and not have to move every time someone comes home, a meal has to be made or a bedroom needs space for guests. Artists don’t always have the best organizational skills so my creative side really shines  when you enter my house. BUT, I get things done – I know where my packing supplies are, my dye pots , my dyed wool , my linen, my pens, my drawing paper, rulers, sewing machines, etc.

I’ve shown some of my dyeing process to you in the past but am willing to show more if anyone is interested. That is one place that I have the most fun! Mixing colors to see the results and the surprise after the final wash is really fun.

It’s all a process. If you ever have the idea to do something that you have dreamed of doing- go for it- what have you got to loose? You can always go back to doing what you were doing before. Life is short – create the life you want for yourself.

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