Why I decided to work from home-again

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Why I decided to work from home is many layered. The “again” part means that , when my kids were little, I stayed at home. Call it what you may, but that IS work- it is a full time job and thensome to stay at home with your kids.

After they were old enough for school I found work that fit into their schedule. I was a home literacy teacher and worked with kids and parents on parenting skills. After that job took it’s emotional toll on me I went to work in the school system, again, to work around being available for my kids after school.

This most recent job change, the one I have now of working at home,  is a lifetime dream of sorts. I thought, in high school, that I wanted to own , and run, a small bookstore- in essence, own my own business. Now fast forward 40 years and I find myself a small business owner.

The piece I missed was the business school and marketing- oh and the technology part – oh and the art school! the photography! on and on…I was trained as a teacher, not as a business owner! But- with determination, I have learned some marketing, grown as a designer and am holding my own as a small business owner. The technology piece can still use some work but I am definitely progressing. Luckily , my husband works in the business world , so he is helping me when I get “stuck”.

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