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Where have I been?

Where have I been? well, right here at home actually trying to keep all of the “plates spinning” but letting some of them fall- like the writing part.

Gracie – so helpful

The puppy

My puppy, who is now nearly 9 months old, has taken quite a bit of my time- she is very stubborn, demanding and energetic- but at the same time, sweet, smart and loving. She has been training me even though it is I who has been trying desperately to train her…hmmmm, not sure who is winning at the moment. She has just been outside and we walked and walked, now she is napping but will awake soon and be ready for mischief. Must be quick!

The Website

The website, oh the website- that has taken some time, some tears, some learning, some frustrations, some more learning and is SO VERY CLOSE to being ready to take to the next level. Do you ever get to a place where you aren’t even sure what questions to ask at a certain point to move forward? Help is on the way and I am really excited about that- stay tuned!

The winter

The snow is now all gone from our yard and we see some flowers poking their heads out of the ground. It was a long winter- lots of snowshoeing, which was great- but also lots of shoveling which seemed at times like a full time job. That kept me busier outside cleaning and clearing- keeping me from dyeing, hooking and designing inside. Well, time to get back at it now while the time is right.

Dyeing Wool

Dyeing some wool, doing some custom dyeing, listing items in the ETSY shop and working on some new patterns. Hooking the pieces and getting them on linen to be ready for you should you want to hook them has been keeping me busy too. These things are a joy and it’s been great to get back to it.

The upcoming Sailing trip- Get Hooked at Sea

The sailing trip on the J&E RIGGIN is coming up in August. Things are pulling together for the “sailors” on my end along with some fun things and surprises for them. To be honest- just being out on the water off the coast of Maine, in a gorgeous wooden Schooner for a few days is quite enough. They will get more than that with the class taught by Susan Feller of Artwools and some goodies!

A new grandchild is expected

My oldest daughter is having another baby so there will be time spent with her and her newest family member soon. We have plans to take the other grandchildren for some overnights to give her some time before this little man arrives. The daughter who lives in the UK will be visiting then too while welcoming the new baby and helping her sister out.

That’s some of where I’ve been

So, that is where I have been- not all of it certainly, but some of the time is accounted for. It feels like a lot to me but I am still determined to keep all of the plates spinning. How about you?

Until next time

I’m going to check in again soon to let you know about how the Vejibag is working and what new packaging I am moving towards with my shipping.

Let’s keep in touch.

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