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Where do you find inspiration

Where do you find inspiration? Mine comes from the most unusual places sometimes. Driving down the road catching something out of the corner of my eye and think to myself ” that could be good, or what if I did this instead?” Inspiration is absolutely everywhere- if you let it in.

Ann Wood Handmade

Do you subscribe to the Ann Wood Handmade newsletter? She sure gives one lots to think about! So many sweet ideas with things you probably already have at home. Cardboard, fabric scraps, cereal boxes, paper mâché . Give her a look- you’ll be amazed, AND inspired! She often has free projects to download too, because she is nice like that. Someday I may even be lucky enough to take one of her workshops- in better times. Those must lie ahead for us.

Color, color

I look to colors around me- colors to turn into my hand dyes. I am anxiously awaiting everything green to start showing outside. I love the color green- so full of life, promise and possibility. I have some green wools that I need to list now in fact. I need to get the dye pots ready for more in the days to come. It keeps my mind busy and is a great distraction from the daily news.

Spinach green wool

Right now, outside my window there is a variety of browns – not the sunniest of colors, but if you look closely at them- they can be wonderful in their own right. Tree bark- it’s texture and subtle variations of color- the branches that are just beginning to think about buds on the end. The golds of last seasons grass that lay on the ground- just starting to show as the snow melts. My husband itches to get out in the garden- he is out there now pulling up things from last fall that were neglected- things he can uncover as the melt continues.

Magazine ideas online sources?

Look through some magazines, gaze out the window, drink a cup of tea and contemplate. What can you see in your minds eye? What can you now create because of it? Watch some tutorials of how to create something. I plan to watch a Deanne Fitzpatrick youtube later today. I know how to rug hook, but maybe something she does will spark my imagination in a different way.

ETSY customers looking for projects

Several ETSY customers have ordered patterns, requested special items and just buy linen. They are itching to do something with their hands- to go to that place where you lose yourself in the moment. That place of inspiration- of color- of design.

Have a look at various ETSY shops- see what they are creating. Taproot magazine- Amanda always has inspiring stories. There is a recipe that looks yummy (right on the webpage) AND I may be able to hide the parsnips in it – but Art has a nose for parsnips… A local shop, Fiber and Vine has ideas- follow her on FB to see what needle felted projects or knitting she shares.

Inspiration is everywhere- Like mentioned before- you just need to let go, and let them in. Enjoy your day – turn off the news and explore what nature or books or people have to offer. It’s a whole wide world out there to be discovered, even if it is from your own home.

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