What would you do when you happened across a message in a bottle?

Updated: Aug 26

You are never sure what you might find if you keep a watchful eye- perhaps a message in a bottle? We never could have imagined what the message would say.

fairy house in the woods

Fairy House

My 5 year old grand daughter is currently obsessed with fairies and fairy houses. Who wouldn’t be? The magical feel and wonder of the fairies living among us is something to truly marvel at- especially in the eyes of a child. She is always planning, building, or looking with a fairy house in mind. That is when she isn’t playing tee ball , chasing her brothers, riding bikes , practicing violin or doing story walks…

dog on the beach

A walk on the beach

How could you pass this by?

When walking on the beach I discovered a wee little bottle with a stopper to keep it’s contents dry from the sea. It had washed up on the waters edge at low tide. It was , in fact, fairy sized and it seemed that the only reasonable thing to do was to pick it up and bring it back to the grand daughter.

My son , daughter in law, baby grand-daughter and their dog had been on the walk. When we returned to the house we showed it to her. Her eyes grew wide when we told her that we had just found this bottle that had more than likely been thrown out to sea by a fairy.

What is the message?

beach tresures