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What’s on your to do list?

What’s on your to do list today? this week? this weekend? this month? this year? Do you feel like it is never ending? or do you embrace it as a list of tasks that can be crossed off with glee? Sometimes I have been known, more often than not, to do things that aren’t on my original list- then I write that job down and cross it off! so satisfying- admit it- you do this too.


Why do we find it necessary to make lists? If one is not front and center I fumble my way through the days and get little to nothing accomplished. As a New Englander- getting things done is important! The to do list is always long ( you should see my husbands…) and leaving things for another day simply means that more things get added tomorrow.

Garden chores

Whats on the list today? Some gardening- yup- not my favorite but sometimes it has to be done! It is only a problem for me when all of the biting things are out and about- this year there have been many leaving their vicious marks everywhere- on Gracie too! Peas to be harvested, golden raspberries to pick- Kale, Swiss Chard, herbs for dinner later on.

Lettuce garden

Best way to grow fresh lettuce

This is hands down, my all time favorite way to grow lettuce and herbs. We tried this method out for the first time this year- very successful. Not only is it convenient- its right outside the kitchen door, but it is nearly pest free, weed free, clean and the freshest fresh ever! This is my kind of gardening. Have you ever tried this? if you haven’t- you need to- if you have – isn’t it great?

Work related lists

Then there is the list of work stuff. A rug I’m working on as a wedding gift- a custom order so I can’t show you it’s entirety – maybe a glimpse, on second thought- maybe not- you never know who might be watching! There are needle books to make, name tags to create and possibly a stamp to create for bags . I dyed some wool yesterday while it was cool and should today too, but probably that won’t happen because the heat will close in before the dyeing gets done.

Bonus time

Gracie went to “Vet Camp” again yesterday as a volunteer dog. She slept ALL afternoon when she returned. That enabled me to get loads done on my to do list- it was great! Today, of course, she thinks she is going again. She loves being around people and other dogs. I was glad that she was asked back- she “volunteered ” last week and I wondered if she “passed” the test. Apparently she did ( or the teacher was desperate for dogs) – no matter- she had a great morning with everyone. At eleven months old- she still has the energy of 5 dogs rolled into one. Phew.

So, on that to do list- I should add- “take Gracie for a walk”. How to fit all of this in before it starts getting hot outside? I guess I better get started!

Gracie walking on the Parkway

P.S.- took Gracie for that walk- check it off the list!

P.P.S on the list:

On the “in my head ” list:

Revisited an old hobby

WELL … this was kind of on “the list” but now I can say that I can add it AND cross it off. Not totally finished but a really good start! I dug out my old tools from college and remembered how to make a lino block- such fun and so relaxing!

Until next time…

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