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What are you doing while sheltering in place?

What are you doing to help right now? Are you listening to the experts and practicing social distancing? practicing sheltering in place? We are barely into this and I am sure that people are already feeling like they can loosen their restrictions. Sadly, we can’t. I know that I am having a hard time with it myself but am being as vigilant as possible.

Hooray for the postal service and grocery clerks

I venture out to the PO every other day- wearing gloves and staying away from folks. Waving at friends from afar. So very strange, yet so very necessary. I applaud the postal workers and the grocery workers. I bet they are afraid too, but carry on so we can all carry on.

Sewing masks

A local group of nurses has organized people to sew masks for health care workers, food bank workers, cancer patients and the like. I am currently making masks to feel like I can at least do something to help.

Thank goodness I am a crafter and just happen to have all of the materials that I could ever need for this project! Fabric, yup- cotton fabric- yup, elastic- got it. Thread, scissors, , sewing machine- all the things. Who said hoarding is bad? I am just always prepared for who knows what! Like I always say… you just never know.Maybe that’s because I am a baby boomer and lived with people who had experienced bad times.

Having a stocked house

We are in the place now- of not really knowing. It felt very sudden- no one truly had proper time to prepare. I was talking to a local friend yesterday and she said . ” you know since we live out in the middle of nowhere we always buy extra anyway!” How true. My son said I have been preparing for this situation for 20 years. Funny, Bill.

lentil chili

Lentil chili

I have been hooking, cleaning and cooking. I haven’t been reading though- I should be- it’s on the list. I find myself more drawn to the computer at the moment- reaching out to people all over. Have you done ZOOM yet? I see that many are using it and it has become a necessity rather than a convenience . I did for a meeting last week and there is a possibility of doing some meditation and a bit of yoga soon. It is pretty cool that we can do that.

Listen to the experts

Our daughter just received a text message from the government to stay home!!! She lives in Scotland. That is pretty serious- she doesn’t remember ever receiving a message from the government before. Unfortunately, our country seems a bit divided throughout and each individual state is making recommendations for themselves. Not to get political here, but is that really the best? Perhaps we should- nation wide – be listening to the health officials-

Working at home

So, we are home. We are working. My husband already had an office set up so he is in good shape. I have switched things around- and I like my current set up. We won’t be having any company anytime soon, so what I have done works for now. I have taken over a room, well, two rooms really , for work purposes.

We were going to put together a separate building for my studio space this year- BUT, the way the stock market has gone, I doubt that will happen. Very disappointing, but maybe we can repurpose a shed that we have somehow. It will all work out. I’ve done without so far- this was just a dream. Time will tell.

So I can’t help thinking about the WWII situation in the US. I feel like the sacrifices they made were so much harder than what we are having to do. Stay home- stay away from others. They were able to gather- so that might have been easier- who knows. We aren’t able to get certain products since people are hoarding- or are they just scared, scared that if they don’t get it now- they never will? There should have been parameters put on purchases right from the get go so this wouldn’t happen. Too late now-

I’ll keep making masks as long as I can and take it from there. It’s a beautiful day outside after a snowstorm last night. We shoveled before it got too heavy. Gracie is thrilled _”what it snowed again!!! – ye- hah!!” boy that dog loves the snow…

I’m going to bake bread today I think-

Keep well. Leave a message- keep connected!

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