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What about today? What are your plans?

What about today? What was different? Town being like a ghost town perhaps? No cars except for delivery trucks passing by our house. It was a bit eerie when you think about it. I ventured into town to get the mail and go to the bank. Only the drive through is open at the bank which is fine, but there was quite a line! I’m not used to waiting in Bethel for any length of time! Now if it was NJ? then yes- I remember those waits- glad we left! I notice that there seems to be out of state license plates when I do actually see a car. They must be escaping the city to get here where they think it is safer. Truth is – no place is really safe but it would be hard to be in a city right now.

Falling asleep or not…

I had a hard time falling asleep last night- I think it was 1:30 a.m. when I last checked the time. Nights like that- they catch up to you after a while. I tried everything I could think of except getting out of bed and going downstairs. I was determined to go to sleep! Sleep did find me finally – so what about today? no nap, but I did get a bit cranky with Gracie and Art. Not good.

Trying new recipes

Yesterday I made a carmelized onion tart which was fabulous! Also a peach and raspberry pie from fruit that we froze from the garden last fall. Yum. Today, didn’t feel like cooking at all! Too tired I guess.

I did put together orders to ship as well as looking at another kit in the making. It feels a bit odd to be going about business when the entire world is in a crisis, but it helps center me and takes my mind off the gravity of this virus pandemic.

Our book club recently read The Dog Stars and let me tell you- it was a little too close to home. If you haven’t read it- put it on your list. It is usually not my cup of tea – but I couldn’t stop reading it! Did I tell you about this in another post? Maybe??? I will miss my book club this coming month – we have such a great group.

Good to have a home library

Art’s reading for the day- escapism

Turns out that our home library is coming in handy- since the local library is closed due to the social distancing imposed. It’s too bad there can’t be a way to get some books into peoples hands right now- though I understand the why .

my reading list

Tomorrow as we continue our social distancing- I think it will be prudent to make a schedule of things to do- not just a list but a when , where and how – it may make the day not seem so disjointed. You wouldn’t think that this would be a problem for me- being an introvert and all, but because there is a necessity to it- it seems just harder. Again, lack of sleep doesn’t make things easier.

Plans for today?

SO- what did you do today ? Hooking is in the cards for tonight- still working on the big custom order. That is coming along and some photos should come soon.

MY hands? good grief! can I wash them any more often?? they are just feeling raw! It’s important though. This COVID 19 is serious stuff. Please remember to stay safe – keep your distance and listen to the experts.

What did you do today? what will you do tomorrow? or the next day, or the next…share if you have any great ideas! Until next time- stay well

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