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Welcome to the Shop

Well, it’s up and running! Welcome to the shop! you can now purchase rugs and some patterns directly right here on the website.

I am the first to admit that it has taken way longer than expected and needs some tweaks here and there that will be ongoing.

Just letting you know that the work has been long and will never be totally finished. That’s all OK though- life is a work in progress right? and so is this site.

Now that things are somewhat figured out I feel confident that work will be added and changed and updated as needed.

Whale rug in progress

Phew! now to get creative again with a rug or two. There are so many ideas and several that need some finishing touches before they can be listed.

If you need hand dyed wool you can still go to the ETSY shop for that. All of my patterns are there, along with my finished rugs and other items. This is simply another way to get things out into the world- because who doesn’t enjoy handmade goodness?

Want to play ball?

Gracie calls…and it’s close to her dinner time, so that’s it for now.

Welcome- visit often and make yourself comfortable. Dream about how great these rugs feel and hopefully you will take a chance and experience one for yourself.

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