Walking with Gracie

Walking with Gracie

Walking with Gracie hasn’t always been easy. I was missing have a dog since we had lost ours three years ago. When we decided to get a puppy I was thrilled! We would go for long walks , be outside, stay fit- you know- the fantasy one dreams of. Well, it hasn’t exactly gone the way I had planned but I think now that she is a year old there has been a breakthrough!

Happy surprises

Walking with Gracie has led me to places I haven’t walked before and its been wonderful. The things seen now are amazing. Past walks have been all out done in defensive mode. She pulled, became stubborn, grew scared of simple things, etc. They weren’t fun for either of us.

Walking with Gracie the past 3 times has been, dare I say, fun. She has been good on the leash and not fought the gentle leader. She is able to walk past other people, kids, dogs, babies, bikes, even noisy skateboards and scooters without skipping a beat. Wow!

Something has clicked and I couldn’t be happier. We had our longest walk yet today- being armed with multiple biscuits helps- but so does nature, the woods and new smells.

Fairy houses and sculptures

Fairy house while walking with Gracie

We will need to be ready for snow shoe hikes that will be here sooner than we may want. This training has been good so far.

Sculpture in the woods