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Unfinished projects

Unfinished projects- you know you have them- we all do, whether it’s work related , laundry- whatever- there is always something to do right?

Well, the serging and pressing has happened and I am closing in on finishing some of those unfinished rug hooking projects! I’ll need to bind them and then voila! they will be ready for whoever wants them!

New wool has been dyed, but not photographed or listed as of yet. The goal is to do all of this by next week and have a big reveal in the shop one day. Finished rugs, patterns and wool. Hmmm, think it will happen? let’s hope so!

Projects have made it to the “take anywhere” and finish process which is great. You can see that projects HAVE in fact been completed by the list of items in the shop .

As we await the arrival of grandchild number three, and the task of caring for the other two , there may not be time to work on them- but- not a bad idea to be ready “just in case”.

Family coming

My daughter ,who lives in Scotland, will be arriving at the end of the month with her sweet husband. They will be here to help with the other grandkids too as the parents settle into life with a third child. We had 3 kids- it was hectic, exhausting and all of the other things- but I wouldn’t trade those times for the world. My favorite time of life actually – parenting little ones is such fun, especially when you look back on it! At the time you think it might never end- then all of a sudden- “poof” they are grown up and creating their own families. Life…

Bucket Lists

These young parents will have loads of unfinished projects going forward but that’s OK. Time is short, life is precious, projects CAN wait- sometimes (maybe not the mountains of laundry…).

Bucket lists seemed to have evolved into yearly and sometimes monthly lists. Maybe taking the place of goal setting? Not sure, with goals you really feel the need to accomplish them- with a bucket list- well, you can get to it eventually, hopefully.


New goals that are going to be done this month.

Goal 1: Get the puppy, Gracie, to be a better leash walker! Yikes! she is getting better, but there is loads of room for improvement!

Goal 2: Finish the unfinished hooking projects- and maybe not start any new ones until these are done. That’s not likely- there are some that have been calling to me and I can’t wait to start them. Could that be why there are so many unfinished ones? should be taking a look at that-

Goal 3: Photograph patterns and wool to list

Goal 4:make a project list for the outside of the house- this winter was particularly hard on the paint, steps, shrubs, roses, etc. Phew- loads to do there but getting it on paper is a good start . It’s the crossing off that is the best part!

Wish me luck! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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