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Things to fill the time

Things to fill the time:

Usually this isn’t a problem, in fact there usually isn’t ENOUGH time. Now- that we are home and keeping safe, there seems to be more time to catch up on the things that slip through the cracks.

On the list

I will put more time into blog writing- at least a good effort is in the works. Some time culling my emails- oh boy, that is a disaster and has needed attention forever! maybe they should all just be deleted and start with a clean slate. The photos! phew! yesterday as I was putting together a new listing for my ETSY shop I decided to go about the photos a bit differently. As the work continued the realization came that- man- some (lots) of these need to go! There is no reason to have all of these duplicates in the file. That will be something that needs to happen in increments or I may just lose my mind . Then there is the basement – years of collected things from our kids, our parents and ourselves- THAT needs to be looked at.

New and old kits on sale

Bunny in the Garden kit

More time to work on new patterns and kits. That is something to look forward to. For the next month , as promised, all kits will be 20% off just in case you need something to fill your time. There is all of the wool that has been waiting for the right time to hit the dye pots. Now that can happen too! The wool soaking will begin in earnest this week. The supplies are already here so the fun can begin.

Lucky to be already working from home

Not sure how long we will have to be separated from one another but I consider myself lucky that I already work from home. There are so many that this just isn’t going to be easy for- or for some- just impossible. With the White MT National Forest literally in my backyard- we can go for walks in the woods and not see anyone which is usually how I like it anyway.

Gracie the pup

Gracie and her stick

Cooking, cleaning, organizing

Some unexpected things will probably fill in the time- a bit more cleaning, a bit more creative cooking, a bit more creative ways to keep Gracie busy! The Gracie thing- that will be a challenge. She does love to be outside! But she too likes solitude- just hanging with “her people” – others get her so very excited she can hardly stand it!

I will miss the time spent with the little ones. The newest member of the family was just starting to warm up to me. We were having a grand time the last few visits. Now we’ll probably have to get reacquainted again. That’s OK, that can be fun too. He will seem so much bigger and be able to do more things when we see each other! He is SO CLOSE to figuring out how to crawl and was doing an impressive plank type move last week.Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of that! The other ones are learning corny jokes and send a voice message daily with a new one- very entertaining. They aren’t quite ready to “go on the road yet” but who knows what lies ahead.

It was feeling like spring last week and I had finally let go of the hopes for more outside snow activities. Gracie was over her cough ( yes, apparently dogs can get colds too- who knew??). My skin treatments were behind me and sunlight was my friend again (long story). But now- just when we thought that spring was around the corner- snow is in our forecast. Shoveling was not in my plan for filling time! We were hoping that OUR crocuses would start peeking through like my daughters were last week. Need to wait for that I guess.

Todays advice

  1. Pretend you need to leave the house and go to work – shower and get dressed. I like to stay in my jammies as much as anyone, but this will make you feel more productive ( even if you put clean jammies on after your shower ).

  2. Drink lots of water – have any Fire Cider- take a few shots a day.

  3. Wash your hands often- you know this, but its good to be reminded.

  4. Use moisturizer on your hands – all that washing makes them chapped and that’s never a good thing.

  5. Reach out to someone online or on the phone- daily

  6. Read something positive –

  7. Stay away from negative FB chatter

  8. Don’t watch the news 24/7

  9. Try to eat fruits and veggies- be creative with what you have

What are your plans for filling your time? Stay positive – fill your time with self renewal. Maybe share some recipes, or good books, or whatever it is that keeps you positive during this crazy time we are in.

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