The Sourdough journey continues

As was mentioned in the last post- the sourdough discard recipes are still in full swing here in Maine. This morning a quick batch of absolutely delicious banana nut muffins were made. again, no sour cream in the house- but there was greek homemade yogurt which is a wonderful substitute. Oh man, these are good…

Sourdough banana nut muffins

Trying Sourdough Naan tonight

This nights dinner will have some sourdough Naan to go along with it. I made Naan a long time ago, not with sourdough, just regular. We’ve always been great Naan fans ever since we spent some time in Northampton MA while our middle daughter was at Smith. There was a fabulous Indian restaurant there- a quick walk from her “house”. We fell in love and have never looked back. Indian food has become a favorite. We couldn’t get enough of their fresh Naan. I was so excited to find this sourdough recipe and can’t wait to see how it turns out tonight.

Sourdough bread fail

My sourdough bread was not exactly my best effort …it totally flattened out. Now I realize why there was a recipe that said you have to have a big dutch oven to bake your sourdough bread in. Of course, I doubted that and put mine on a sheet pan. It started out fine- then ended up much like a thick pizza crust! The flavor was good though, even if the shape was anything but photo worthy!

Always determined to try again- it is on my list, but has yet to happen. So…naan tonight- bagels in a few days – then perhaps another try at an actual loaf of bread. This time there will be a cast iron skillet with high sides involved- maybe that will help?? Our dutch oven is just too small we think. It could maybe hold a mini loaf?

Mask making coming to a close

Other than sourdough adventures, the mask making has slowed