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The rug that began it all-Welcome Home

This rug may have been the beginning of my business as it is now – the rug that began it all . My “Welcome Home” rug.

I was hooking my own rug years ago at a studio. “oh I love that” how much would you sell it for??

It was mine- I wasn’t sure I wanted to sell it, in fact, I didn’t- but I could possibly make the pattern available for her. I went home and thought long and hard about it- was I willing to share my talents with others? did I want others to hook something that I had designed – what if it didn’t turn out like mine? what if it was better? what if it was worse? what if they made it in a way that I didn’t like at all?  Then I thought about the positives that could happen. What if…I could learn something in the process…what if I could think outside the box- try new things, new designs, new patterns, new wool? I decided to jump in and I don’t regret that I did for a minute. My patterns have traveled far and wide now- people are enjoying their interpretations in their own lives and happy with the results. I have been so pleased with the positive feedback I have received in the journey thus far.

Since that day, I have sold several of these Welcome Home patterns and hooked 2 more myself – each quite different and unique.

That was the original intention wasn’t it? To have each rug be something unique for the individual?

I keep thinking that I might retire this pattern- change it- tweak it- rework it and then it speaks to someone else as it is and I keep it going.

Welcome Home rug- custom design

Custom Welcome Home rug

It is possible that this may be its final year. I have an idea of what could be different now, better ( at least in my minds eye). So if you like this , as it is , you may want to grab one. You can put it aside for later when your vision of how it should be hooked becomes clear to you. You can still find it in my ETSY shop – . Check back in the future- you may see this as a wee bit different than the original.

It’s good to make changes and keep things fresh, look at things in a different way- a different light. What changes might you make in the future? how will you look at things differently? Think about it and enjoy the possibilities of something new.

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