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The joy of books

I have been reading to these two since they were, literally, infants. When the older one was 3 months old I discovered that putting him in his crib and reading him a story was quite soothing for him. Yes, just the sound of my voice was reassuring , but it was building that joy of books that he has grown to love. His sister, not to ever be outdone by her brother , has joyously followed suit. “Can you read me a story?” is often the second thing out of her mouth, after “hello Grammie”. Hard to resist…

bedroom library

E and L bedroom library

I am active in 2 book groups- both have their uniqueness and I enjoy each for different reasons. One is comprised of much older people than I, both men and women. I love their perspective on the books we read along with the historical tidbits that they add from their past experiences. My other is made up of only women and we are all of similar age. We laugh, eat, drink wine and discuss what we have read together- trying to make it happen at least once a month. The common thread of both groups is a love of reading and a love of books.

We just finished “The Book Of Joy”. Wonderful book- if you aren’t familiar you should have a look at it- these two men, The Dalai Lama and Desmond TuTu- what’s not to like about them? Their joy and social justice is beyond measure. You can get it at your local library, local bookstore or, of course, Amazon.

the Book of Joy

The Book of Joy

Did I mention that my husband collects books as a hobby? It takes up a lot of space but brings him joy- not a bad thing to collect, I can certainly think of worse things!

Home library

Collection of books

Children's book classics

Collection of Thornton     Burgess Books

Another time I’ll let you have a peek into my wool collection…just saying…we both have a problem! But I might need it for a project!!!!

So, what are you reading right now?? Care to share?

Until next time –

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