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The benefit of yoga is real folks

yoga pose

Being so flexible

We all know that yoga is beneficial for your body; in fact I can tell you that the benefit is real folks!

I have just returned from my class, a 90 minute restorative yoga class that I think I have spoken of before. The instructor , Karen, has been away for several weeks attending to an ailing parent. As the regular “crew” came together we were elated to have her back , if only for a day. We clearly have missed her style, the lovely location of the studio and the fact that we are all quite similar.  We do our own thing, get to the pose if we can and pass no judgement on others who can’t quite get there. It has evolved over the years into a supportive group that ebbs and flows during the seasons.

I have another teacher that I can relate to – I have never had the pleasure of a face to face, but have listened to his soothing voice and gentle way to ease into a nice yoga practice. Rodney Yee

Working with my grandchildren has been fun too- they have their own mats and can, at a snap, move into a yoga pose when asked. They know how to take the deep breath needed to relax when they are excited and how to stretch when needed. They have been to formal classes and we have worked on it together from time to time. They even have a yoga board game.

It would seem that your teacher is very personal to you and your particular style- you need to find the right fit to reach the full benefit of the practice. I am sorry to say that  many things around me prevent me from fully practicing on my own at home. It might be that I need to dedicate a specific time each and every day to do at least 15 minutes, because, like I mentioned earlier, the benefits are real!

Yoga for kids

Two and Four year old yoga

Not only does it help physically, but mentally as well. While I was still working with students in the school system there was a time when I religiously practiced before work and walked after work- simply to keep me from losing my mind while working with some particularly difficult situations. Again, the benefit was real- it kept me sane (er) than if I had done nothing. Rodney Yee was my go to then – he fit my schedule of practice. I found one other later after a friend referred her- yoga with Adrienne

Give either one a try- or find your own. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have someone close by “that speaks” to you.

Hooking rugs can be hard on the body- sitting for good lengths of time, using a repetitive motion, leaning into your work- all makes the hips, shoulders and neck tight. I KNOW this intuitively, yet haven’t been attending to the stretching that needs to happen daily. It’s so important to stretch , at the very least your wrists, from time to time. Set a timer if you have to as a reminder.

Let’s face it- as we age we need to pay particular attention to ourselves and our health or it slips away fast!

Get up out of your chair- do a downward dog, tree pose or corpse pose…you won’t regret it.

What is your favorite practice?

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