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Thanks for the reminder Donna

After being , what I feel like has been, an insanely busy time, I was reminded that there are people out there who miss me when I don’t post. So…thanks for the reminder Donna!

What has been taking my time?

Many things have been drawing my time – family, preparations for the lovely “hook – in” in Damariscotta, Maine, trying to hook some rugs to catch up and of course, my crazy dog, Gracie. What lies ahead ? Some time to regroup. New patterns need to be hooked, new kits need to be listed, wool needs photos to be able to list in my ETSY shop. Like all of you, the mundane things that are part of life don’t go away either. Laundry, grocery shopping, shoveling, you know- all the things!

I appreciate the ability to be able to do all of these things- truly I do. We have started a daily (most days) journaling of one thing to be thankful for just before bed. There is always something to be thankful or grateful for and often more than one. We are so blessed. The multi tasking element of my youth is not what it used to be- but that is over rated anyway. One should concentrate on the thing at hand rather than thinking about all of the other things that are on “that list”.

New patterns and kits

Two new small whale patterns are made and may soon become kits. A flag pattern will be a kit in the next two weeks, along with some other smaller patterns. Spring is just around the corner and there are quite a few lovely springtime colored wools that are either in the shop or will be within the next two weeks. You should have a look if you have a springtime project in mind. If you don’t see what you need- just ask- it made be in line waiting to be listed.

An idea for a fish on a beautiful textile bobbin has been swirling around. The hooking is complete- just the fussiness of making the rest happen and listing it. It should be awesome if it comes out the way I have envisioned. Those textile bobbins– so much history, especially here in Maine. Some of the ones pictured in this article are just waiting for these fish!

A wonderful “Pumpkin Queen” pattern is ready- just waiting in that line to be listed. Halloween- well, you can never be too early when it comes to thinking ahead in hooking.

Rug patterns to hook

Patterns that I want to hook- Chicken Scratch, Flowers and Vines, Small Humpback and Small Antique Whale. The flag should be hooked with wool that will be included in the kit too. It is a fun little rug to hang or place on a table- suitable for the whole year, but especially around Memorial Day.

I’d love to finish the Maine Flag before mid March- to celebrate Maine’s Bicentennial. Oh, and there is the finishing touches on the “Purrsist” rug (binding – so close!) and the binding on the Moon Phase Rug Both of these are such great rugs!

Thanks again for the reminder

Anyway- thanks for the reminder Donna- As noted in a previous post about intentions– I have the best but just want to remind you that I am here, I have been busy and I am thinking about this, and hooking and all of you.

Please keep in touch- sign up with your email so you will be sure to hear from me from time to time.

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