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Thank you for including me

Top 60 Rug Hooking Blogs

Thank you, Feedspot, for including me on the ‘Top 60 Rug Hooking Blogs’ list! It is an honor, and I will say, a surprise, to be included in such good company.

I have been a fan of several of these blogs for quite a while now. Some of my personal favorites are:

  1. Karen Kahle of Primitive Spirit

  2. Deanne Fitzpatrick of Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio

  3. Ali Strebel of Ali Strebel Designs

… oh, there are just too many to mention. All of these people have unique works of art and I am happy to be included in this group.

Finding inspiration

It’s worth taking a look at the full list– you will find some wonderful artists and writers to follow. See if you can find them on Instagram as well- that is a great way to follow people if you don’t have too much time, and usually the photos are fantastic! I love Instagram! You can follow me @twocatsanddoghooking

Artists – be proud!

Thanks to all of the artists out there who are doing their craft. Whether it constitutes a blog recognition, Instagram views, Facebook followers, we need to let people know what we are up to- share the visual feasts! To bring joy into people’s homes is a great privilege, and we should all be proud of that, whoever we are, and whatever we are doing.

So as I continue to try to figure out all of the ins and outs of marketing, new hooking techniques, new dyeing techniques and what ever else is the question of the day- I will keep you posted from time to time. Please consider following me to find out what I am up to. I have lots happening and quite often don’t find the time to write about it all!

Don’t forget to look for my wares in the ETSY shop too:

For now, just a simple thank you and I’ll catch you next time…

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