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Take a break - free offer inside

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Do you take breaks in your day to exercise? We all need to be doing it and not put it on the back burner (so to speak). If you need to- put it on your to do list!

After all of these years it is now becoming apparent that we need to move our bodies more. There may be days when most of the time I am hunched over the computer or hunched over my hooking project. It is so important to take breaks throughout the day-

get up and stretch for one thing. Now that I find myself going to physical therapy I understand...and am paying the price.

My arm extension has been a bother for more than a year- shoulder tenderness, forearm tightness, an inability to reach for something in the back seat of the car. Hello- shouldn't that have been a sign that something had to change! The attitude of getting to it later, well, it doesn't always make the most sense in the long run. So, here I am, going to PT for probably 6 or more sessions- taking precious time out of my day when I could have been stretching at home all along. The positive side is now there are specific movements to do that will make my range of motion get back to where it should be and I'll know what to do going forward.

Getting outside is important for us too- the fresh air, even if it is near or below zero- it helps create a positive attitude and energy. Try it- go for a walk, a snowshoe, walk your dog- or a neighbors dog- whatever it takes to get you outside.

Ok, now for the fun part...I had someone in front of me pay for my coffee in a drive through in December-I'm not sure if I shared this or not but it was a total surprise and I had no idea who did it. So now, it is time for me to pay it forward. We are blessed with so much here in Maine- good food, solid home, family, etc. I am really feeling the need to share some of what I have been given.

For every purchase from my website until Valentine's Day you will receive a small free pattern on linen- one that is a reminder to take care of yourself.

Please share this offer around to all of your wool obsessed friends. Subscribers may get an additional gift while supplies last, just because I really appreciate you.

Now- stand up and stretch- then get busy planning your projects- enjoy yourselves- life is short.

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