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Summer is a time to think about Fall

Summer is a time to think about fall. In the gardening world you dream about your fall harvest as you plant those many seeds and seedlings. What will come up? What will I do with it all when it is ready to harvest?? Who can I give some away to that will be grateful for the bounty? To be honest- it is my husband who is the gardener, but I find myself mainly responsible for the other end of things. He is a wonderful cook, but there is only so much time in one’s day!


Then there are the projects that lie ahead. I am thinking, particularly, of fall hooked rugs. I need to start them now so they will be ready to actually  use and enjoy in the fall. So, summer is the time to think about fall. It has taken me a long time to figure this out in regards to the hooking part. The gardening part was easy- plant, harvest, preserve- easy. Hooking? I am still thinking of all of the summer patterns I have yet to hook, but by the time I get down to hook them summer will be over and I will be faced with fall- oh no- then there is winter!


Boardwalk at Biddeford Pool, Maine


So, on this day of beautiful summer sun and warmth, I will think about fall patterns- I have some swirling in my head of course. I hope they don’t stay there and can at least get put on paper! Then I can refer back to my sketchbook and see which ones will make it onto linen . Maybe some of them will be offered to you, the reader, if you are lucky, (wink, wink…).

Probably “Autumn Farmyard” will be the next rug to be started with all of the possibilities of warm oranges, yellows, greens and browns. The “girls” will need a touch of red too-

Look for new patterns to appear in the next 2 weeks on

Patterns in the making

I hope that your day is as sunny as mine here in Western Maine. It is picture book New England.

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