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“String too short to be saved”


The title of this book resonates with me in so many ways. Donald Hall, if you don’t already know him, is a poet now living in CT who wrote about life in New England. He once found, at his grandparents farm, a jar marked; “string too short to be saved”- with bits of string in it. Do we all hold onto things like that in our lives?


My family would argue- yes, I do keep everything. Well, looking at these scraps of wool you could say- “wool worms too short to be saved”, but save them I did! There is a purpose to my madness here . I can use these scraps of wool to stuff pillows with- in fact, I almost have enough now to do just that. I would say it is being resourceful, a way to recycle something that seems to have little to no value. Won’t that pillow be nice and soft and cushy?

I will admit that I have other things in my life that do serve no particular purpose and those things need to find a way to find another home. That is easier said than done since I will be the one finding places for those things.

It seems funny that as everyone is talking about downsizing and living simply I am making things to bring into the home. I would argue that these things have artistic value and will make the  owner of these things smile every day.I have a few of those items just waiting for the right home as I write this.


Here is one that is bright and cheerful- take a look in my ETSY shop for more details. I love it , it was a joy to hook, has fun and vibrant colors but has the dark blue to make it fit anywhere.

Are you a tea drinker? This will absolutely keep your tea hot for an hour or more, just ask my husband and daughter who both have early versions of them. It is multipurpose- utilitarian, artistic and joyful.


My message today is- gather the things that you love and bring you joy.

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