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So many unfinished projects

Someone might argue that I have a problem finishing projects. The truth is, there are just so many fun things to hook, that I am anxious to move on to another project before my first one is finished. There is some method to my madness here- if I put down one project and start another, then I can come back to the original and see it in a different light. Here are some examples of ongoing projects- yet to be finished…some of you have seen some of these as I have been hooking , some haven’t.


This has been in the works for several months- I take it out, look at it, and put it away. I am about to now finish it after all of this time because I think that I know the problem that I had with it all along. I hope I’ m right!


This is to be another bag- the intention was that it was going to be my summer bag, LAST summer, but look how close I am to having it ready for THIS summer! I think that it will be fun to use . I used small favorite colors in it that I just love.


These dogs…the brown one needs a bit of tweeking- that is OK, I couldn’t see it at first, I put it away and when I got it back out- ta da- it became clear.

And finally, my most recent project that is very near completion- I am very happy with this BUT I actually drew it LAST year and took it out this year to hook. I needed to think about the execution for some time.

It all comes down to editing- writers hire editors for their work, I just put mine away and “edit” myself after some reflection- it seems to be working for me so far. The end is near for these, just a few more hours on each- then onward to more adventures. Bunnies are next. Wonder if I can hold back before I start them?

There have been many finished projects and some of them have been purchased too. I am content with the way things seem to be progressing. The ideas continue to spring forward and each piece turns out different in it’s own way. So many things look like rugs to me- let’s hope that continues to be the case.

Happy hooking-

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