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So I promised myself that there would be a "special" every month on my website- well,

some promises are hard to keep! Family obligations away from home prevented me from creating anything new for you and for that, I apologize. Things happen- it is just the way of life and sometimes just can't be helped.The best of intentions were there, honest!

What I will say is that there should be some specials coming in the months ahead. In fact- here is one for the remainder of July. The caveat? I am asking you to please leave a comment on the blog or after a purchase. This helps my site continue to be noticed out in the world. That , in turn, brings in more interested rug hookers, which in turn brings in more customers, turn results in some sales and keeps the momentum going for me. If I am successful in the shop then that enables me to make more investments there- more wool, more dying, more new items...and it continues. Without your help ( by leaving reviews and comments) it is much more difficult to spread the word about what I may have to offer you.

This month, subscribers will be able to receive free shipping on orders over $35.00. Just use the coupon freeship35 You realize, of course, that shipping prices have increased for everyone so I thought this might help some of you out when deciding what you might need for that next special project you have in mind.

Also- I will be offering a 20% discount on in stock patterns from now until July 31.Use the code patternjuly for your discount.

Why I am doing this?? Well, because I want to get all of you back to hooking! This wonderful meditative craft has helped get me through some difficult times this year- and I know from conversations with other customers- the same holds true for them as well. So..think about what it is you want to work on- find a place in the shade and hook- even if it is only for a few minutes- it will help in so many ways- trust me.

Not a subscriber? You can fix that by heading over to the website shop page and signing up. Emails are few and far between but that is where you will learn of any specials happening.

Thanks so much for your time, your passion, your love of this heritage craft. Let's keep it alive whether it is from traditional patterns or newer ones OR ones you create yourself- let's hook, hook , hook!

A reminder- There are still a few spaces left for Get Hooked at Sea with Meryl Cook.

I know that it is late, but if you find yourself needing a very special break then you should really consider joining us . We board the Schooner J&E Riggin on the eve of August 23 and return to the dock @ noon on August 27. It is all inclusive- we provide EVERYTHING except your favorite hook. Meryl is naming it "Wild Women at Sea", but we will welcome men as well. The food is cooked on a wood cook stove in the ships galley and is absolutely to die for!

Please don't feel like you have to be an experienced rug hooker either- we are more than willing to help you out. Visit or email us for more details and pricing.

Come sleep under the stars on Penobscot Bay- you'll be so glad that you did.

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3 Yorum

20 Ağu 2022

I hope you keep doing this trip. It sounds wonderful. Personally, I am plagued with motion sickness but aside form that it sounds absolutely perfect.

Ellen Skea Marshall
Ellen Skea Marshall
28 Ağu 2022
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

It actually is a very stable boat. We can’t predict the weather conditions of course and this trip did get a bit rocky at times but everyone was ok! I’ve yet to see anyone get truly sick. It is an experience that shouldn’t be missed- life is short…


18 Tem 2022

I think that your work is great and I love the photos!

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