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OOOOh it’s cold outside!

OOOOh, it’s cold outside! Wow, taking Gracie out, who has to find “her spot” before she does her business, is quite a challenge today. I think that , according to my weather ap, the air temperature feels like -28 degrees right now. BRRRRRRRR

So- I have been doing what I had promised for some time. It takes quite a while to get things listed in my ETSY shop. Don’t even talk to me about the website as a sales platform- not sure when that will happen. I have been getting some kits listed and have hopes to list more as the weeks go on.

So- if you are looking for something to do during this cold snap- hop on over to the ETSY shop and pick up a rug hooking kit to keep your hands busy. And wool- well that is just cozy anyway! I have beautiful Irish made rug hooks for sale and will be listing some frames made in the US too.

Here are a few that I have been working on.

Rug hooking kit

Wool rug hooking kit

Have fun inside- maybe do some reading, some organizing, some cooking or some crafting. Whatever it is- stay safe, stay warm.

Sly Fox rug hooking kit

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