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Oh Life


Sometimes life is funny- at least in my world it can be. I have so many new things to learn (and that is a good thing) yet I wonder how I got this far without learning some of it in the first place!

Right now the learning curve is quite steep-at least the technology aspect, and trying to understand the ins and outs of being a small(very small) business owner!

Life before this small business consisted of taking care of family and doing all of the things that young families do together. So much fun, so totally all encompassing.


Then the empty nest hit- that was hard and I just stayed with my job in education which kept me connected to kids in a way that was filling that void in my life. As the politics of the system got too overwhelming and responsibilities increased at home, it was time to think about moving on to other things.

Funny, I had always dreamed of being a small business owner, first a bookstore owner- even before I met my husband now turned book collector! Then a bed and breakfast owner ( that seems to happen around the holidays only). But now this, this creating thing- hard to be both present in the creativity and present in the business part. That’s where I need some help- and free help would be preferable…not to worry, that person or persons will be paid royally when my ship finally comes in. Rugs galore. I will continue to create, others can help me with the extraneous parts….


For now, I will go back to my scattered way of trying to keep it all together. Oh, and the empty nest part- not to worry- the elder generation fills that part in, it’s just not really the same now is it?


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