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New Year, New Goals


The current goal is to be a wee bit more attentive to my ETSY hooking site this year. It has all been a learning curve for me, but I am welcoming this challenge. Armed with a new computer from my husband, a work space that is off the beaten path and new hopes for a more productive year should help me realize some of my goals. Back planning- something that was discussed at length during the holidays by our family, seems like a great way to begin.

Have just listed 3 new seasonal bundles in my ETSY shop- an ongoing desire for quite awhile now. Having the right tools to make it seamless will do wonders for me! This is a new logo that a long time friend worked on for me- what do you think?


Have a look around the shop- you will see some new things and some old ones too. Lots on the drawing board right now and more in my head! Better get started- the day is not slowing down for me…

Happy New Year- I hope it brings to you everything that you hope for and more-

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