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Nature is a wonderous thing

Nature is surely a wondrous thing. I witness it right outside my window daily. As I went outside to feed the birds I noticed the tom turkey in all of his finest regalia. His head, for example, is a brilliant blue right now. He seems to have a new red orb under his chin that wasn’t there last week. He is constantly strutting around fully puffed out hoping for a lady to take notice. It is too funny. From what I have seen, they aren’t really interested in his pomp but over time he will wear someone down I bet.

tom strutting his stuff in Albany Maine

Natures tom turkey display

Tom waiting for the ladies

Tom’s blue head natures glory

We were at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm this weekend for Maine Maple Sunday. There were 34 sheep and 17 lambs- the youngest being in sweaters to keep them a little warmer from the cold. Triplets had been born just 1-2 hours before we arrived. The mother seemed non plussed about it all- her babies were still moist from the birth and she was taking care to see what they needed. A farm worker was encouraging the youngest, a mere 1 hour old, to nurse. It always amazes me that animals can immediately get to their feet- wobbly true- but it takes human babies months to do the same!

one of 3 born on March 26, 2017

triplet born at A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm

A Wrinkle in Thyme farm triplet

new born lamb

Listening to the yard at home you can hear the sounds of spring with all of the birds arriving and flitting about in the trees. I love the sound of spring more than anything else about it I think. If I open my window I can hear them now- calling to one another, welcoming old friends and chattering about mating, Soon the flowers will be showing their heads near the south side of the house where the snow melts first. Our yard is still feet deep with snow but in the next month or so should start to sink into the ground to provide us with plenty of water for our well.

One visitor that hasn’t shown yet is the bear- I hope he has found another yard to visit this spring- he was a nature nuisance last year!

remembering the brown bear of 2016

brown bear chair pad

There “tom” is again- strutting around. Maybe someone will take him up on his display today- maybe tomorrow. He seems patient enough.

My head is filling with design possibilities of spring for rugs not yet hooked . Let’s see what may surface in the next few weeks.

Until next time- have a lovely day, week and try to do something creative with your time.

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