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My love affair with Ziploc bags

My love affair with ziploc bags goes way back. They have always felt like a necessary part of my life. Have a few random bits and bobs? throw them in a ziploc. Need a place for a left over onion? ziploc. How about those leftover worms from a hooking project? yup, a ziploc- They work for everything! Don’t believe me? although I imagine you do- look all of the wonderful uses ziplock have.

Rug hooking kit worms in ziplocks

Using ziplock bags for worms in a kit

Now, how do I break this habit? Admit it, you have the same addiction that I do-there always seems to be a good reason to use one. How have you conquered it- or maybe you haven’t, or maybe you don’t want to .

As I think about the impact that plastics have on our environment it makes me literally ill. I want to do my part. I offered to have my local farmer use my own bag (reusable Whole Foods bag) for my produce.   My farmer said that from a production stand point, when he and his wife are bagging up the produce for orders- they don’t have time to stop and put my order into a separate bag- plus plastic just keeps things fresher. Ugh, what are we to do? I haven’t been washing my reusable bags- of which I am uber conscious about using – maybe I should after reading the linked article though?

I have switched over to using glass to store leftovers in the refrigerator. I save glass jars for items. I saved my glass vinegar jar some years ago to decant larger quantities of vinegar into. I’m trying- really, I am.

I have replaced the ziploc bags with paper in my rug hooking kits. I am trying to change over the way I package and ship orders but have yet to come up with a suitable solution that still makes it affordable for the buyer.

Paper bags for rug hooking kits

Paper instead of plastic for kits

We reuse the plastic ziploc bags until there is nothing left of them- or they break down and tear. Still, I admit, I use them.

I have been baking beans ( I may share the recipe in another post) for our son’s upcoming wedding and am freezing them in- you guessed it- ziploc bags. They are so convenient, take up much less space in the freezer and will travel easier to the location of the wedding. I thought long about it but concluded that this was the only way- if you have other ways that are as efficient , economical and earth friendly- please let me know! I still have 5 batches left and am willing to change if I only know how.

So- as you think about using your plastic bags- think about the future generations and what they will have to do to clean up after us selfish users. My little scientists may come up with a solution but what I don’t want is for them to have to be worrying about the health of our waters and environment.

Future scientist with microscope

Future scientist observing caterpillars and butterflies

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