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Months get away from me

The months tend to get away from me- I get busy, things need to be done, finished, started- you know how it goes. My intention prior to “months getting away from me” was to set myself specific times to organize my thoughts- plan for tasks- get things done! But then reality hits, one thing  pops up unexpectedly, then another, and suddenly time slips away – then its the next month already!

Good interruption:

After attending a Womens March in Augusta, Maine I felt truly inspired by the determination and grit of the participants. Looking around the world we all saw that there are so many like minded people.  People with compassion , empathy, kindness,  understanding and hope for our country to become welcoming and fair to ALL. Arriving home after a day of positivity , patterns were dancing in my head- here are just a few that I have been working on.

New work:

designed by me, Ellen Skea Marshall of -multicolored hand with heart

Do Good Work

designed and hand hooked by Ellen Skea Marshall of -canning jar-“do good work”

Stand Up, Be Heard

New pattern designed by me, Ellen Skea Marshall of – “stand up, be hear heard”

“Stand up, be Heard”

This is nearly finished- it will be a chair pad- someone suggested it would be great for an office.


If you like any of the works above please visit where you can find the listings for these rug hooking patterns. Add you own personal touch to them through colors or eventual use. This is how I chose to complete them this time around, but they may be different the next time they are hooked.

Looking ahead

So as the days grow longer and I get a handle on time management I will look ahead to things coming up this spring. You can find me at the 207 Creatives Belfast Hook- In on April 22 from 9-3. After that I should be planning what comes next and try not to let the coming months slip by.

Until next time; find me busily working away in the dye pots, at my frame or designing new patterns. There should be a launch of an additional website to feature, and sell, my larger finished rugs.

Look for it by the summer of 2017

This website , is where you will find patterns, hand dyed wool, linen and some smaller finished works.

Create your time and don’t let the months slip away. How will you spend your days?

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