Months get away from me

The months tend to get away from me- I get busy, things need to be done, finished, started- you know how it goes. My intention prior to “months getting away from me” was to set myself specific times to organize my thoughts- plan for tasks- get things done! But then reality hits, one thing  pops up unexpectedly, then another, and suddenly time slips away – then its the next month already!

Good interruption:

After attending a Womens March in Augusta, Maine I felt truly inspired by the determination and grit of the participants. Looking around the world we all saw that there are so many like minded people.  People with compassion , empathy, kindness,  understanding and hope for our country to become welcoming and fair to ALL. Arriving home after a day of positivity , patterns were dancing in my head- here are just a few that I have been working on.

New work:

designed by me, Ellen Skea Marshall of -multicolored hand with heart

Do Good Work

designed and hand hooked by Ellen Skea Marshall of -canning jar-“do good work”

Stand Up, Be Heard

New pattern designed by me, Ellen Skea Marshall of – “stand up, be hear heard”

“Stand up, be Heard”

This is nearly finished- it will be a chair pad- someone suggested it would be great for an office.