Maine Maple Sunday – not this year

collecting the sap

Maine Maple Sunday- something we have looked forward to year after year. Our family would usually come join us and we would make the trek to a local farm to have pancakes and their sweet maple syrup. The coffee was even made from maple “water” – pretty special.

We would gather family style in their out building/studio at family style tables sharing pitchers and such. Not this year- no gathering, no sharing. I did see on the news last night that there were some local syrup producers who were doing curb side delivery and pick up for people who had pre- ordered.

Syrup ordering

We already pre- ordered our syrup from our favorite producer here in Maine. We will connect at some point to get our gallon. There is no hurry- there is still plenty in the house to get us through for now. It feels good knowing that it is available to us when we can actually meet Steve or Hannah. Those days still lie ahead for now , but just knowing that things will someday get back to normal keeps us going.

We had pancakes in our own kitchen – with Maine maple syrup ( from last years batch). They were good and it felt a little celebratory since we rarely eat pancakes on our own.


When I was a kid we would have them for Sunday supper sometimes. A tradition I carried on when our kids were young. Any excuse to eat pancakes and maple syrup is a good excuse for me! There are many health benefits to this sweet