Long line of Makers of things

I come from a long line of makers of things and I am very thankful for that- probably many  of you do if you looked back at your ancestors. It was once done out of necessity , now, thankfully in many places, it is done out of the love of making- whether it be fiber arts, wood, iron and metals, food or whatever the object, it is made from the soul of a person. I love to see this resurgence happening all around me.


I am a keeper of things too- more on that another day… but because of that I have kept some things that are very special to me. This is a part of a runner that my grandmother made in the 30’s or so. I love how vibrant the colors still are to this day. I have a room size rug that matches this runner as well. It is more worn since it lived in our formal living room when I was growing up. This was my early inspiration to become a rug hooker.


My grandfather was a master plumber by trade but loved to build furniture as a hobby. He lived with us, or we with him I suppose since it was his home, and I remember his workshop and the smell of sawdust- a wonderful memory. This is a miniature chest that he built- I use it for jewelry, he made 2 more of them that my cousins have. He also built desks, cupboards, detailed shelves, my full sized playhouse that I had moved to my property when we sold my family home- complete with furniture, and many other things. He made sheet metal patterns for his furniture as well. I have no idea what happened to those, they were long gone when the difficult task of cleaning out 90 plus years of peoples lives took over one summer. I have 2 copper watering cans that are still in use, made by him. I wish I had the large copper pots that he made, but they went to a cousin. He was a utilitarian maker of things.