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Little things make all of the difference

fruit shopping

Blueberries and strawberries

Little things can make such a  difference in your day to day life.  I find myself at the grocery store with my 2 year old grand daughter almost once a week. As a distraction at first, I would tell her some things that we were going to be getting. Now, she is my oral list. What do we need Lucy? “Ahhhhh… blueberries, strawberries, spinach,” etc. it’s amazing! She remembers everything on my list, and sometimes more things…like the peach yogurt I bought the last time we were there for her, just in case I forgot.

Hard working tugs

Tugboat in Portland Harbor, ME

I saw something in Portland Harbor this week that made me think of the usefulness of little people and little things in such a wide variety of circumstances. A tanker ship was docking and needed a tug boat to help it maneuver- the tug looked so small next to the tanker but without its small strength the tanker couldn’t have docked. I didn’t get a photo of that but got one of another tugboat. Portland Harbor LLC Don’t discredit small people OR things in life- they might turn out to be the most useful to you.

Small ideas can turn into the best creations in the end.

Wrapping orders

Wrapped and ready to ship

I hand stamp all of my wrapping tissue before I mail out my orders to the buyer from twocatsanddoghooking It can be tedious and I think I should do a bunch ahead sometime but I never quite get to it. It’s a small thing, the hand stamped paper, the vintage ric-rac I’ve been using to tie the goods up, the post cards included in the packages- but it’s worth it. The buyer gets to open a gift , of sorts, on the other end and I like that.

Whether it is the voice of a child, the help of a small/big thing, the first flowers of spring – What small things do you notice as you go about your day? There might be something you’re missing.

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